How Nature Can Help You Be Kinder, Smarter, Happier, and Healthier


In a typical day, how much of your time would you say is spent outdoors? Well, a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that American adults spend less than 5 percent of their day outside — in fact, they spend more time on average inside their cars. Sure, getting outside can help you get in shape fasterboost your Vitamin D, and literally just give you a breath of fresh air, but it can also help you be nicer to others, make your brain work better, put a smile on your face, and strengthen your immunity. Here’s why you should — and how you can — incorporate more nature into your life. [MORE]

How America Imagines Its Small Business Owners

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It’s easy to feel unappreciated as a small business owner. You work your tail off, have to be an expert in everything from marketing to banking to technology, and, often, the only folks who understand are other small business owners—who, like you, are usually too busy to sit around and compare notes.

As it turns out, though, not only are small businesses second-only to the military as America’s most admired institution, your small business brethren are all over the stories we tell ourselves every night, on television. In fact, they’re often the center of their fictional community—especially if they own a bar (Cheers, “Cheers”), coffee shop (Central Perk, “Friends”), or restaurant (Monk’s Cafe, “Seinfeld”). [MORE]

4 Women Share What Surviving Breast Cancer Taught Them


“No one expects to be diagnosed with cancer. If it happens to you, it shakes you to the core. You learn to deal with the unexpected and live with uncertainty.” Ellen was putting her Masters in genetics to good use teaching science at the local public school when she was diagnosed. With four kids under the age of 13, she had to learn to deal quickly. Mary and her family were driving home from Santa Barbara after spreading her father’s ashes when she felt a pain in her left breast. She told her husband it was either a broken heart or breast cancer. Less than a week later, the latter was confirmed. [MORE]

How to Save for a House Without Overhauling Your Lifestyle

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Saving money for your first house doesn’t have to involve sitting in a dark, freezing apartment (heat is expensive!) sipping Cup O’ Noodles. If you’re wondering how to save for a house, you’re in the right place. We break down ways to save that won’t cramp your style. How does giving yourself a monthly allowance and throwing dinner parties sound? More on those revelations later. 

First, start by figuring out what you’re working toward. Ballpark how much you’ll need for your down payment, then work backward: what’s it going to take to reach your goal, and when do you want to get there? Simplified, that’s money needed divided by time = your monthly/daily/yearly goal for saving. Once that’s calculated, the next step is to figure out where you’re going to put all that money. [MORE]

Meditate Your Way To A Clear Mind


In a world with constant chaos, the ability to calm and silence the mind has endless benefits. Many people turn to meditation in hopes of reducing their anxiety levels. A study in Oxford Journals’ Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience confirmed that it works with findings that “provide evidence that mindfulness meditation attenuates anxiety through mechanisms involved in the regulation of self-referential thought processes.” In other words, meditating takes you away from beating yourself up about the past, or worrying about your future, and puts you in the present. [MORE]

Win 2019 with these digital marketing trends

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While some people are sitting down to write out their list of resolutions, us digital marketers have a different kind of new year’s list on our minds — what we need to look out for in 2019. Sure, some things will stay the same, but we all know the more likely scenario is that a lot will change. Here are the digital marketing trends you should get on your radar now so you can take on 2019 like a champ.

First, a couple no-brainers to start us off… [MORE]